Original inscription on the back of the photo. Translation below.

Parish Priest Fr Pranajtis and Fr Rutenis in front of the parsonage in Tashkent, surounded by priests of various nationalities who were prisoners in [the Great War] of 1914. These latter priests received a friendly welcome in our home (the Baranowski family).

One thought on “Tashkent

  • April 21, 2020 at 03:59 pm

    I am curious where you located this picture.
    I believe that this may have been taken at my grandfather’s home.
    My grandfather was Aleksader Baranowski and he lived in Tashkent from about 1905-1920.

    Is there anything more you know about this photo, or are there more photos maybe with the Baranowski’s as my father would have been about six years old at the time


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